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  • Community Events

    "Working in the New Economy" Session #3 of 4 at RVA Works
    7-31-14 5:30 pm - Portrait House
    RVA Social Entrepreneurs

    Session #3 of Producia's "Working in the New Economy" will be held on Thursday, July 24th from 3:30-5:00 at RVA Works. Parking is across the street. The session will include utilization of the Producia (now live at

    Hardywood Brewery Food Truck Court
    7-31-14 5:30 pm - Portrait House
    Young, Professional Women Having Fun!

    A popular event this summer, Hardywood Brewery will have 16 new food trucks tonight! Enjoy their line up of seasonal craft beers with eclectic tacos, wood-fired pizza, authentic French crepes, handmade ice cream, Cajun street food, traditional...

    Smarty Pants Happy Hour!
    7-31-14 5:30 pm - Portrait House
    Smarty Pants Book Club

    We've got a lot of newer Smarties and some of you haven't been able to make it to a book discussion yet. I'd love to get to spend time with Smarty Pants both new and old. There will be drink specials. There won't be required reading. There might...